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About UberView

UberView is a tool for people who store their music collection on their computer as mp3 files. As hard disc drives get larger and cheaper, it is now quite common for people to store and play all their music from a computer, rather than the cd's. A computer can store hundreds, or thousands of songs/albums in one place, hence you can easily choose what songs to listen too, whenever you want without having to swap cd's etc. Many people have done away with cd's and regular home stereo systems altogether, and play all their music from a computer based system.

So where does UberView fit in? Well if you have all your music on your computer, it may be spread across different directories, or even drives depending on how much you have (Some people who use UberView have well over 500GB of music! Thats around 10,000 albums). UberView is a tool that show's you your entire music collection, sorted by artist, so you can easily find that album or song you want. It has a search feature that will quickly list any songs etc., that match your search so they can be played instantly. It also does other cool stuff like show you the album cover of each album, that you can scan in from your own collection, or it will automatically download it from the internet for you.

If you want to find out more about converting all your cd's to mp3's then check out www.chrismyden.com or www.bestMP3guide.com where you can find the best tutorials and info about creating mp3's. It will give you a step by step guide through the process and tools required to create top quality mp3's that are indistinguishable from the original cd.